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Our experts can provide you with back pain relief.

Back PainBack pain is an incredibly common and prevalent issue here in the United States. In fact, nearly one half of Americans will experience some kind of back pain each year. These sporadic or persistent episodes do not only harm those that are experiencing it, but collectively cause issues such as increased medical costs and workdays lost as well. Here at Hampstead Physical Therapy, we want to help those who are suffering from any kind of back pain and would love for you to visit one of our three locations.

Here at Hampstead Physical Therapy, we have licensed physical therapists who are standing by ready to help you with your new or chronic back pain. Because back pain comes with many different variables, you can count on us to comb through the possibilities as well as examine your physiology to determine the source of your back pain. Once we have narrowed down an issue, we will work tirelessly with you to find solutions that will strengthen the area and help you find relief, modality, movement and flexibility.

If you are suffering from a back injury or have persistent or chronic pain, our team here at Hampstead Physical Therapy would love to help you. Using a variety of evidence-based methods, we can help provide you with relief that will last. Instead of struggling with pain pills or tricks that haven’t worked yet, come and see us here at Hampstead Physical Therapy, where we will show you proven and long-term methods that can create more functional form and movement. To learn more about our services for your back pain, please give us a call today!