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Return to your favorite activities and find relief from shoulder pain when you work with us.

When your shoulder is working well and you don’t have any pain, it is easy to forget how hard this part of your body works every day. When you are experiencing acute or chronic shoulder pain, you are suddenly very aware of how many times a day you move your shoulder. Shoulder pain can have many different causes, including frozen shoulder problems, rotator cuff tears, dislocations, bone fractures, shoulder impingement, or AC joint separation, among others. For many of the causes of shoulder pain, a personalized physical therapy treatment plan can provide meaningful relief from pain and can help restore the natural function of your joint.

Shoulder Pain

At Hampstead, Sneads Ferry, and Topsail Physical Therapy, we have been helping patients improve and overcome their shoulder pain since 2006. We use evidence-based interventions to strengthen the muscles, tendons and other moving parts of the shoulder. We monitor flexibility and help you with strategies to maintain and improve joint movement. If you do have a muscular injury in the shoulder, we can help you heal faster and reduce the likelihood of a repeat injury in the same area in the future.

Shoulder pain is a common challenge among people of many ages but is especially common among older people. It can be the result of an injury you sustained during a favorite activity, like swinging a golf club. It can also keep you from enjoying your favorite outdoor activities and prevent you from enjoying your highest quality of life. Give us a call today if you are experiencing should pain. We are standing by to help.