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There are many different causes of tennis elbow besides swinging a racquet.

When we tell patients that they have tennis elbow, they may protest that they don’t play tennis. While this is the common name of a painful condition, tennis elbow can result from many different types of overuse or repetitive motion. This is a common and painful injury. You might have tendonitis, bursitis or another cause of pain, tenderness, inflammation and swelling in your elbow joint.

Tennis Elbow

Whether you sustained the injury at work or while enjoying a favorite sport, tennis elbow is the result of stress on your joint, muscles and tissues in the area around your elbow. At Hampstead, Sneads Ferry and Topsail Physical Therapy, we can help you figure out the cause of your pain, work toward relieving your pain and provide you with evidence-based interventions that may help you avoid developing this painful problem in the future. Physical therapy can help you heal faster and regain your strength, improving your quality of life and allowing you to maintain or improve your fitness.

After a thorough assessment, we will work with you to devise a personalized treatment plan. This may include a variety of treatment methods including therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, joint mobilizations and manipulations, biofeedback, kinesio taping, dry needling, ultrasound, electric stimulation and more. Each individual and each injury is unique, so we adjust our patient-centered plans accordingly. We often hear concerns from our patients that physical therapy will help, but our goal is always to relieve pain and restore function.

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