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Orthopaedic rehab treats the cause of your pain and discomfort.

Are you struggling to find relief after a surgery? Have you recently injured yourself and are wondering how you will ever regain your full range of mobility back? Do you want to avoid long drives to Wilmington and Jacksonville while still retaining a high quality of treatment? Here at Hampstead Physical Therapy, we want to help you with these and many other issues when you come to visit us right here in the Hampstead area for orthopaedic rehab services.

Orthopaedic Rehab

The area of orthopaedic rehab in physical therapy focuses on your musculoskeletal system and helping it to heal and function properly. Specifically, we look at your joints, muscles, and tendons to ensure that healing occurs properly while maintaining ability and function. We work with people who have injuries in many degrees of severity, both those who are fresh from a surgical procedure and those who are struggling to heal and wishing to avoid surgery. We will always coordinate with your other doctors to work together to find the best course of action dictated by your unique physiology.

Here at Hampstead Physical Therapy, we love helping our patients see success with our orthopaedic rehab services. Whether you are looking for techniques that can help relieve pain, are anxious to get back to the same range of motion or would like more flexibility in your movements, we can help. We have three different locations that can make your healing convenient as well as effective. To learn more about our services here at Hampstead Physical Therapy, please give us a call today!