Get Headache and Vertigo Relief Through Physical Therapy

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When it comes to physical therapy, many people consider physical therapists to treat issues that are connected with movement. It is only natural to pair a physical therapist with someone who has recently had surgery or with a patient who is struggling with a knee injury. While physical therapists certainly are skilled in these areas, there are many areas in which a physical therapist can be of assistance, including common issues like a headache and less common issues like vertigo. If you suffer from either of these problems, we here at Hampstead, Sneads Ferry, and Topsail Physical Therapy would love to assist you.

Get Headache and Vertigo Relief Through Physical Therapy

A headache does not always accompany vertigo, and vertigo does not always accompany a headache, but it is certainly not uncommon for these two sensations to be co-symptoms working together and producing a miserable day. Vertigo is a sensation of dizziness or sometimes lightheadedness that is often addressed with exercises that work to help alleviate your symptoms and re-train your brain. By treating your vertigo, a physical therapist might be able to alleviate headaches that are caused by eye strain as well.

As for headaches, nailing down the cause for your headaches is one of the first things we will want to do in order to help alleviate your pain. Headaches and vertigo are very common in certain individuals, particularly those that have suffered issues that might have also affected their nerves, such as a stroke or traumatic brain injury. How your headache is treated by a physical therapist will depend on the type, frequency and severity of your headaches. We will first want to determine the cause, and then, we will work on a course of action for your headaches.

If you have been suffering from a consistent headache, vertigo, or both, we want to help. Give us a call today to learn more about physical therapy relief.