Getting Thank "FULL" with HPT, TPT and SFPT

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There is no better time than the season of Thanksgiving to give thanks! Let’s focus on gratitude and being grateful! We all could use a little positivity and lift in these trying times! We want to share with you what we are grateful for, and we would LOVE to hear back from you! What are you grateful for? Just respond to this email!

Let’s be ThankFULL!

Getting Thank "FULL" with HTP, TPT and SFPT


Congratulations, Mary M.!


Getting Thank "FULL" with HTP, TPT and SFPT

Mary is the recent winner for one of our review referral programs. We hope you enjoy your $100 gift card, Mary! Be sure to ask us when visiting our clinic how you can be entered into our monthly drawing as a part of this program!

Let’s get Thank “FULL!”


“I am thankful that we have been able to remain a healthy solution for our community (patients that we love and care about), that we are trusted by YOU, our patients, to help you achieve your physical therapy goals, and that I get to be part of an amazing team of caring and dedicated individual staff members! I also feel lucky and thankful to work with my husband, Rusty, and our son too — he is 15 and does chores in the office. It’s a family affair!”
-Tiffany Walker


“I am thankful for my beach life and my awesome friends and family. I am thankful to be a part of a team of daring individuals at Topsail Physical Therapy who go above and beyond to make our patients comfortable and happy.”
-Christie M -FDC
Topsail PT


Getting Thank "FULL" with HTP, TPT and SFPT


“I am thankful for my family and health during these uncertain times. It has been a blessing to be able to continue to help our patients improve their quality of life and work with such a great team of caring and resilient co-workers. Happy Thanksgiving!”
– Haley Jones, PT, DPT
Hampstead PT


“I am THANKFUL for our wonderful, hardworking staff members who have stepped up to the immense challenges we have faced over the last eight months. It has been a team effort to keep our practice running, so we can provide a safe and healing environment for our patients. You are the A-Team! Thank you all very much!!!”
– Rusty Walker, PT, DPT, OCS


Getting Thank "FULL" with HTP, TPT and SFPT


“I am THANKFUL for the health of my family and being able to continue to work with such a wonderful team of people! We have all put forth great effort to remain open and serve our community during these uncertain times, and that would not have been possible without TEAMWORK! It is a pleasure to assist people in their road to recovery and I am THANKFUL that we can be a part of that!”
Tiffany Miers, LPTA – Sneads Ferry PT


“I am THANKFUL for the continued opportunity to help our patients be well and thankful they choose us to do so! So grateful for my family and the blessings of simple things. Happy Thanksgiving, all!”
– Tina Chambers, LPTA
Hampstead PT and Topsail PT


Getting Thank "FULL" with HTP, TPT and SFPT


“I am thankful for my family and health. Health is something that we frequently take for granted, and I am genuinely thankful to be able to function/move/do the things I love and enjoy. I am thankful that we continue to have the opportunity to help other people get their health back as well. Having a stable job is not promised in this world, and I am grateful to have one here.”
– Mike White, DPT
Topsail Physical Therapy


“So much has changed this year, but I am thankful to have a great job with awesome co-workers, bosses and patients. I am thankful that the health and well-being of my family and friends have not been challenged as much as many people’s have.”
– Paula Rock, MPT
Sneads Ferry Physical Therapy


“I am thankful for my spouse, my kids and my first grandkid! I am thankful for my health. I am always trying to make better choices today than I did yesterday. I am thankful for Rusty and Tiffany and their performance through this COVID-19 challenge we have faced for many months. Thankfulness for our physical therapy teams and staff at all 3 locations is another important consideration during this Thanksgiving Season.”
– Geri Magaldino
Sneads Ferry Physical Therapy


Getting Thank "FULL" with HTP, TPT and SFPT       Getting Thank "FULL" with HTP, TPT and SFPT

Getting Thank "FULL" with HTP, TPT and SFPT


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