Putting the FUN back in 2020! Happy Holiday to you and yours from all of us!

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Check out what we have for you….


Santa “Sleighs” Physical Therapy at Topsail PT!

Hampstead, Sneads Ferry and Topsail Physical Therapy understands what a grueling workout the big night can be for Santa, which is why he made the wise decision to stop by Topsail PT before the big night!

We’re so thrilled Rudolph could take part in the bike exercise so Santa can be prepared to ride his sleigh with the best agility possible on Christmas Eve night, and who would have thought that “holding the reins” practice could aid in posture improvement?!

Don’t let those knees go behind your toes while working on squats for agility training coming down that chimney, Santa! We’re watching you to make sure this exercise is done correctly for your OWN benefit. 🙂

If you’re interested in learning about how your day-to-day work/life activities can see some improvement (like our pal Santa), be sure to reach out to us during the holiday season, or as we enter the New Year!

We’re excited to announce our NEW….


Wed Dec 16- Wed Dec 23
$25 gift card available to win!
Winner announced at 4:00 pm Wed Dec 23!

All you have to do to enter this contest is respond back to this email and attach your photo!

Or post your tacky sweater picture directly to our Facebook page between Dec 16th and December 23rd to enter!

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  • NC State Health Plan Copays are reduced for PT for 2021! Specialist is either $40 or $47 vs. $52 or $72. Yay!
  • TRICARE is offering the first three visits for back pain at no charge to the patient! Must still get authorization if you are prime.
  • NC State MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLAN will be covered by HUMANA MEDICARE in 2021. HUMANA states in a letter to providers dated September 20, 2020: “NC State Health eligible retirees and their dependents will have in and out-of-network benefits. As long as providers are MEDICARE approved, the patient’s in and out-of-network benefits are the same, regardless of the network status of their health care providers. Patients may see an out-of-network provider without a referral as well.” Although we are out of network, YOU CAN STILL CHOSE HPT, SFPT & TPT. Your benefits will be the same in or out of network.
  • Now in network with EMPIRE UNITED as of 2021!
  • New MEDICARE Deductible is $203, and the physical therapy cap has increased to $2,110.

We are already booking out through January 15!
Give us a call to get scheduled!

Merry Christmas

Hope your holidays bring health, wealth and happiness –
And don’t forget we’re always here if you want more of the first one!