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Physical therapy uses tailored movement and exercises to help you move without pain.

There are some days that you might have woken up feeling quick and limber like a cheetah. Other days, you might wake up stiff and move more like a penguin or a turtle! Here at Hampstead Physical Therapy, we are anxious to help you with new injuries as well as persistent and chronic pain using all the tools we have, one of the most powerful being your body’s own healing powers. When you come to visit one of our three convenient locations, you don’t have to make the long trip to Wilmington or Jacksonville to enjoy healing in a comfortable environment.

Physical Therapy

When you come to Hampstead Physical Therapy, you will always be greeted with a smile. We want to make your experience with physical therapy as pleasant as possible, and many people are surprised to learn that physical therapy isn’t painful! Our patient-centered approach is one that looks at your specific physiology to find areas of weakness that can be strengthened, ways we can help with flexibility and balance, and tips to improve your overall movements. With our help, you will see improvement from all kinds of new or chronic injuries, including neck and back pain, sports injuries, post-surgical healing, neurological movement disorder healing, and more.

Here at Hampstead Physical Therapy, we offer a variety of methods when it comes to our physical therapy services to facilitate healing. We would love to see you for help with your injuries or strengthening needs. To learn more about our services or to book an appointment, please give us a call today.


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