“I can get in and out of the car pain-free!”

—Kathleen S.

“I can now get back to working out and playing with my kids without back pain!”

—Joanna D.

“I can now go on my turtle walks again!”

—Patricia D.

“I can jump again!”

—Elizabeth A.

“I can now lift weights over my head again!”

—Brian G.

“I can ENJOY playing golf with less pain.”

—Judy H.

“I can now walk better than before!”

—Carol F.

“I can now do squats again!”

—Natalie C.

“I CAN dance the night away with great posture!”

—Jackie T.

“Thanks to Topsail PT, I can now JUMP!”

—Erin B.

They (Hampstead, Sneads Ferry, and Topsail Physical Therapy] are fantastic! My son has been going there and we can see a big difference from the first day. He tells me he likes them and that they are friendly. I have just praises for them!
-Adriana S.

Hampstead, Sneads Ferry, and Topsail Physical Therapy was great. I felt safe and everything was cleaned after each use. The staff got me back to work faster then expected after my knee surgery.
-Tim K.

Everyone here is very friendly and professional. They provide a great environment and they were very helpful with my knee and shoulder. Thank you all.

- Kendall C. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

These guys do a great job. I’ve had partial and full knee replacements and they get me back to walking on the beach. Thanks Team!

- Mark W. from Topsail Physical Therapy

Both Paula Rock and Michael White were most professional in providing the necessary therapy and guidance to alleviate the pain and discomfort in my middle to lower back areas. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of physical therapy.

- Samuel H. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

I found the staff very knowledgeable & helpful. They tried different exercises & methods to strengthen, relax & stretch my muscles. I felt like they were friends helping me 😎.This is the place to go 👍

- Carol M. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

- Bob D. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

Staff could not have been more accepting, pleasant and professional! They were instrumental in me meeting my goals.

- Barry M. from Hampstead Physical Therapy


- Eddie Hatch from Topsail Physical Therapy

Great service and the nicest people you can ever have treating you. They definitely know the best way to get you back to on your feet

- Mario G. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

Unbelievable attention and service…always on top of their game…all staff members anxious and willing to get you back to health without hesitation…absolute tops!

- Jay W. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

I am recovering from total knee replacement. Heather has been a wonderful therapist. She knows how to work you to be your best and always with positive reinforcement. Tiffany at the front desk is always cheerful and helpful with scheduling. Would highly recommend Hampstead Physical Therapy.

- Gail S. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

Thanks to Hampstead physical therapy and Hailey in particular, my “frozen shoulder” is feeling wonderful. The exercises there were very helpful and the personal massage, stretching, and stimulation provided helped tremendously. I found the experience most professional and quite convenient.

- Diane C. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

Just completed my PT with Michael White-I have never felt better! Will refer anyone & everyone. Topsail PT is the best!!

- Richard E. from Topsail Physical Therapy

Excellent staff and results! Tore my rotator cuff and was pleased when my physician referred me to Topsail Physical Therapy. Am now on the road to recovery!

- Jack B. from Topsail Physical Therapy

Both Halley and Rusty were very knowledgeable and professional in helping with physical therapy for my finger after a break. After a combination of different intricate exercises I have regained more function and am so grateful. Thank you!

- Christine S. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

I can say without any reservations that Rusty Walker has performed therapy on my left shoulder at a higher level of quality than any I received in Raleigh or Charlotte. His interest in helping me understand what to expect and actual execution of each exercise has given me a great appreciation for his knowledge and skill.

- Charles J.

I am thrilled with the care I have received, and am currently receiving at Topsail Physical Therapy. Debbie who manages the office is friendly, knowledgeable, professional and kind. You feel welcome the minute you walk in. I am a semi-retired professional tap teacher who has returned to North Carolina from New York City. During a workshop last summer I reinjured my ankle. After seeing an orthopedist in Wilmington, I was referred to Topsail Physical Therapy, which is five minutes from my house. I knew I would receive good care, but I underestimated how good it would be. Mike has his Ph.D in PT, and the care I have been given is as good or better than any I received in NYC. I am finally improving, and I credit TPT for my return to good health. Although I have not been treated personally by Paula the other therapist, I have watched her expert work as well. Terrific place! I highly recommend.

- Toni current patient from Topsail Physical Therapy

Thank you so much for your hard work, getting me back to the point I am now. The first week, I never thought I’d get my arm over my head again and now I’m thinking of bowling and golf again!

- Dottie K.

I am doing great! I rode by bike for the first time this evening and it was wonderful!

- Cindy M.

My feet feel great! Thank you for all of your hard work. I will sing your praises!

- Nancy P.

The staff is marvelous! My condition and treatment plan were explained in a way that was understandable. I received “homework” to follow regularly, along with recommendations for the future – all are exactly what I needed to be successful. I felt very much at home there and enjoyed my treatments!
-Kristy S.

Physical therapist Haley at the Hampstead location is outstanding. She prods me to do my best, but if pain is too great, then I can ease back. Her sweet nature and expertise is a winning combination.
- Karel D.

Had knee replacement this past May 92019). Went to three physical therapist and they did not help me with the pain in my knee when I walked. Only just a couple of weeks with Hampstead PT, I could tell a difference. I can walk now without pain! Haley and Tina are the best! All of the personnel were so cordial! I would highly recommend this PT group!

- Carol F. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

I received physical therapy at Hempstead location after knee replacement surgery. Haley Jones was my therapist. She was excellent and professional in providing the therapy need during recovery. I found all the staff at Hampstead location to be friendly and caring through my 5 weeks of therapy.

- Joseph K. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

Haley was great. Very professional. She made simple movements help. I am more confident, have better balance. Thank You

- Rod H. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

Timely visits, & the therapists go the extra mile to provide the care you need.

- Diane F. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

The staff is very friendly and extremely professional. I am very grateful to have these awesome people help me with my shoulder. Thank you. Linda S

- Linda S. from Topsail Physical Therapy

Great job Haley. Very professional. Bryant

- Bryant G. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

From day one of my physical therapy the crew at Hampstead Physical Therapy were fantastic. Professional, friendly and very personable. I had knee replacement surgery and was told that I would need 4-6 weeks of physical therapy for my rehab. I chose Hampstead P/T because of the location and reviews. I was not disappointed. I would highly recommend this staff to anyone. Thank you for a great experience getting me back to my old self. 

- Mark M. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

Both therapists that I saw were very knowledgeable and were able to help me ease my pain and provide instructions for relief going forward.

- Pat L. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

I have been very pleased with the results of my therapy sessions. Therapist have been very knowledgeable about what I needed to do to recover from knee surgery. They guided and gradually moved me along the path to recovery. Always patient and attentive to my particular needs.

- Kathy S. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

I am very happy with the care at Topsail Therapy, I had been there last fall for stenosis and had a very successful decompression surgery. I am so happy that I continued therapy and I am realizing the benefits. Thank you to all the staff, such excellent care.

- Charlotte RADEMACHER from Topsail Physical Therapy

I had rotary cup surgery Jan 3. According to the Dr, I had a massive tear, complicated with bone spurs and arthritis. I began PT with Michael at the Topsail Beach location after 2 weeks of pure discomfort, following surgery. I found him to be extremely professional, passionate, knowledgeable, and completely honest with the expectations of what to expect from the therapy. I went to therapy twice a week for 8 weeks. I was told it would be at least 10 weeks, at a minimum for recovery. Being 65, I had concerns myself. I have to contribute my recovery to the excellence of the surgeon, but most of all to Michael at Topsail PT. He pushed me just the right amount, I did all the exercises he told me to at home, he provided me with a picture of each exercise and practiced them, in the office, before assigning them at home therapy. The receptionist was very flexible with scheduling of my appointments, sent me a reminder the day before every session, and gave me a month schedule in print. I would highly recommend their service to anyone in the area who wants a therapist that knows his stuff and gets results. Thank you Michael.

- Bill H. from Topsail Physical Therapy

The six weeks of therapy after my broken leg made a world of difference in my recovery.The stretching and strengthening exercises will be something I will use beyond healing. I would recommend TPT to everyone. Dave M. Surf City

- dave m. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

When I first came to your clinic I could barley walk. Thank you for your time and patience teaching me the correct way to move and exercise. I now have no pain if I am sensible about what I do. Your clinic will be my first stop if my back acts up again!

- Marie P.

Therapists are wonderful. Kind, caring and attentive to your pain level. I highly recommend this practice if you need physical therapy.

- Grace C. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

The therapists helped my shoulder to feel so much better. All of them and the receptionist were very friendly.

- Natalie T. from Topsail Physical Therapy

Hampstead Therapy is such a nice office. You all did such a great job. You seem to really care and put love in everything you do and the therapy is done with such gentleness. Thank you so much. You literally gave me a new back.

- Barbara B.

Staff so friendly and professional. Thank you so much for helping me after knee replacement. Would recommend to everyone!

- Susan R. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

I am so impressed with the professionalism and care I was shown at Sneads Ferry Physical Therapy. They are such a helpful, informative staff, I was comfortable asking questions and was given great exercises to do at home. I would highly recommend them !

- Barbara from Sneads Ferry Physical Therapy

The entire staff at Sneads Ferry Physical Therapy is fantastic. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I would highly recommend the PT clinic to anyone wanting to get back into action. Thanks so much for everything!
-Steve L.

I had a left shoulder reverse replacement. Before I could only lift my left arm 90 degrees. Now I can go 165 degrees with that arm, go higher behind my back, and lift more with that arm than I’ve been able to do in 25+ years. I had shoulder surgery 20 years ago, but didn’t do physical therapy and only got limited use of my shoulder. This time I was determined to do the physical therapy and was able to do PT close to home in Hampstead. Now my repaired shoulder is my best arm. Thank you, Hampstead Physical Therapy!
-Mike M.

As a person who’s been in and out of physical therapy facilities since early college (due to football injuries, now 32 years old and 5 surgeries later), I can’t speak highly enough on the professionalism of Hampstead, Sneads Ferry, and Topsail Physical Therapy. With that said, the best part is that I immediately felt extremely comfortable being there as if I was welcomed into a very inviting home. The quality of care, the small talk, the attention to detail and the general true concern for my ongoing injury was and still is above and beyond. Every staff member makes each visit a very positive one even though I am battling through a rough recovery with unexpected turns. I want to thank everyone there for all of the support and kind words I have received; this has been the mental boost I’ve needed to push toward getting back to my normal physical abilities. Also the sanitation and general cleanliness of the facilities are phenomenal!
-Marcus B.

5 stars From talking on the phone to schedule , to the check in, to the actual therapy, none better. I have been to many therapists and Mike, my therapist, was what you would want in a person to help you recover. Patient, understanding, firm and yes painful at times but he always made sure that if I can’t breath I’m doing it to hard. He exercised beside me, did not have an assistant take over for him as many other places do. He was encouraging but looking forward for me to better my home therapy. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Thank you Mike

- Tim L. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

My experience at the Hampstead office was nothing less than 5 stars. My recovery progressed after every visit.Haley was always checking to make sure that the exercises and stretching were not causing me pain. All of the staff were helpful and pleasant and above all professional. Thanks for helping me recover.

- Mike C. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

I’ve been having difficulty when standing and looking up or standing in the dark or with my eyes closed. My physician thought I had vertigo and referred me to P/T. It took Haley Jones very little time to determine my balance problems were not vertigo, but, instead, a result of peripheral neuropathy in my feet, something I will have to live with since there is no remedy. Haley showed me several exercises and techniques that will help me be more stable and, more important, safe. Haley Jones is extremely competent and a real pleasure to work with. Thank you, Haley!

- Steve Bouton from Hampstead Physical Therapy

Mike White, DPT/PT at Topsail Physical Therapy, is not only a great PT, but an educator. After having back surgery earlier this year, I had residual nerve pain. Mike put together a PT regimen that works and explained how it works to relieve the nerve pain. I highly recommend Mike and Topsail PT!

- Sue C. from Topsail Physical Therapy

Great care by the staff, doing their very best to relief your aces and pain Thank you Haley and Tina

- John R. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

Everyone at the Surf City PT was very caring especially Mike my personal Therapist.Mike eased alot of my concerns and helped with my quick recovery.I would rate them excellent as a 10.

- Kenny B. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

Hampstead Physical Therapy is awesome. They worked on getting my ankle back in shape. They took their time, listened to all my concerns, and answered all my questions. They have a friendly and caring attitude and treat everyone like family. I absolutely would recommend this location for all your physical therapy needs. <3

- Shannon L. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

The care that Ive received from Hampstead Physical therapy has been amazing. Their knowledge, professionalism and caring attitudes have made all the difference in the world for my recovery. I would not even consider going elsewhere, they are top notch.

- Tom O. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

I would most definitely recommend TPT to everyone. You guys are truly top notch. You help me beyond anything that I could every imagined. You made my first surgery experience and recovery a rather pleasant experience. I expected torture on the lines of a medieval variant, but us quelled that immediately. Your welcoming smiling faces put me at ease and the seaside easygoing nature of your staff, Topsailors have been known for, rang true. Thanks for all that you did for me

- Kirk Harvey from Topsail Physical Therapy

I have recently moved to Hampstead NC Have been to Physical Therapy four visits and never have seen such a great staff, friendly and very knowledgeable. Have Also been to Message Therapy and would recommend any one to visit. Thanks for all you do.

- Rusty S. from Hampstead Physical Therapy

Thanks to Mike and everyone at Topsail PT. After I injured my knee I tried PT before surgery. I am so glad I did. Now I can go about my daily activities without pain. Thanks again

- Mark N. from Topsail Physical Therapy

A great team that got me through two knee replacements in record time with terrific results. Everyone at Topsail Phsycial Therapy is very friendly and professional. Debbie does a great job of building a treatment schedule and making sure that you have the appointments you need. My main therapist was Mike White and he was terrific. Very knowledgeable and atuned to each individual’s needs. When Mike was not available, there was always a professional, friendly therapist assigned to keep my treatment on track. I highly recommend Topsail Physical Therapy.

- Chris W. from Topsail Physical Therapy

The friendly and knowledgeable staff customize the therapy to your doctor’s recommendations and your own feedback. They listen to their clients and are careful of their clients’ safety.

- Shirley B. from Hampstead Physical Therapy


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  • Were you comfortable communicating with the Physical Therapist? What was your satisfaction with the exam, treatment, and explanation provided? Did you leave with questions unanswered?
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  • Were your personal therapy goals met to your satisfaction?
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