Our variety of services can treat a variety of ailments!

Since 2006, our team here at Hampstead Physical Therapy has been working with individuals of all ages to help facilitate movement and healing with physical therapy. We love helping people from all ages, stages and backgrounds increase their range of motion and abilities through physical therapy exercises. Our practice is focused on the needs and abilities of the patients, matching our many treatment methods with the ideal solutions for you and your needs. We have a variety of services that we use in order to facilitate healing, including the following:

– Mobilization/Graston

Kinesio Taping

Dry Needling



Electric Stimulation


Hampstead Physical Therapy - Services

Our many healing treatment options are evidence-based ways that we can help you heal, recover and revitalize different areas of your body to help. We create functional movement and strengthen weak areas in order to decrease pain, increase mobilization and help speed healing in specific areas. Our goal is to keep you moving through methods like kinesio taping even when injured so that you don’t see the debilitating loss of fitness that you might observe from a lack of activity. With dry needling, cupping and electrical stimulation, we can help harness your body’s innate healing abilities to the injured areas for faster, concentrated recovery. When you use any of these options or services individually or combined, you increase your chances for improved healing and recovery with our experts. To learn more about your options here at Hampstead Physical Therapy, please give us a call today!