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We provide electrical stimulation as part of our selection of physical therapy treatments to give you the custom support you deserve.

At Hampstead, Sneads Ferry, and Topsail Physical Therapy, we are committed to helping our patients achieve their physical therapy goals, and we offer a variety of treatments in order to do so. One of the treatments we provide is electric stimulation, which uses mild electrical pulses to stimulate injured muscles, reducing pain and promoting recovery. In this article, we’ll go over more about this treatment to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Electric Stimulation

The gentle pulses used in electric stimulation are designed to mimic the bioelectrical signals that control your muscles. In this treatment, our experienced care providers will use mild electrical currents to send signals to the affected muscles, causing them to contract. Repeatedly contracting the injured muscles will improve blood flow to the area, which in turn promotes healing. This repeated contraction and relaxation will also help to strengthen the muscle fibers.

Another benefit of electric stimulation is that it can be used to train paralyzed or unresponsive parts of the body to respond to natural signals again, which makes it especially beneficial for treating stroke survivors who must re-learn basic motor functions. On a different note, electric stimulation can also be used for pain relief, using the electrical pulses to target the affected nerves and block overactive pain receptors.

Our team hopes that this article has been helpful in your recovery journey. If you are interested in electrical stimulation, we encourage you to give us a call to learn more.